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« on: 06/27/09 08:12 PM »


Hi all,

i know that all the forum where i am a meber of are affiliates from the Villentogroup casinos, but i really wait to read what you all say to THAT!!!!

I am a depositing player since around 2 years in BOTH Villentogroupcasinos.
I NEVER won or made a withdraw in only one of them.
I NEVER recieved some Free Spins on a slotgame like alot of other players recieved like i could saw in alot of forums.


I had my birthday on June 25th, means 3 days ago (i am in germany), and i recieved

NO EMAIL with greetings
NO FREE BONUS in only one of my accounts
NO FREE SPINS on a slotgame
NO LOAYLITYPOINTS_BOOST that i can redeem for a chip

I tryed THREE days to get only a little as a present from them, i talked to different supporters which contacted that ... Promo Department and asked for a little

10 minutes ago i had the last chat with them and here is the chatlog i made for YOU ALL that you can see what there is waiting for you if you deposited and play for your hard earned cash my gamblingfriends.

Please understand, i am from germany, mean if there are mistakes by typing or gramatical mistakes,ok? And i am not her to make them bad only because i havent recieved some from them. I do that to warn you all and to hear your statements because i think THAT IS SOOOOOO UNFAIR!!!!

Here is the chat i had with them shortly:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Neebashnee'
Neebashnee: Hi Henry :-)
Neebashnee: How may I help you today?
Henry Paschede: Hello Neebashnee, i am really disappointed, on 25th i had my birthday and i recieved a free bonus from all the casinos where i play and an email with greetings but absolutely nothing from your group. I deposited again and again in both of your casinos and it is a big disappointment that i havent heard from you to my birthday.
Henry Paschede: I am a member of a worldwide casinoplayerscomunity and i was shocked that alot of players told me that they recieved some from you in BOTH of their accounts for their birthday, and alot of them havent deposited alot of times like me.
Henry Paschede: And i never made a withdraw in BOTh casinos, and IF i won a little i played and havent made never a withdraw.
Henry Paschede: the last sentense is wrong
Neebashnee: One moment while I enquire with our Promotions Department.
Henry Paschede: Smileysorry
Henry Paschede: i am from germany
Henry Paschede: ok,
Neebashnee: Thank you for your patience.
Neebashnee: Unfortunately, there are no Complementary Bonuses or Loyalty Top up’s available.
Henry Paschede: whyt does it mean. Does it mean that you dont have a tenner for me in my accounts or in only on of them as a present for my birthday and as a thanks for my loyality for your group?
Neebashnee: Bonuses are awarded at the discretion of our Promotions department and the factors which they take into consideration are unknown by us.
Henry Paschede: Why other ones get some and there is nothing from me? I have heard from the players which havent recieved a free chip in their accounts that they recieved Loyalitypoints to redeem between 7500 - 10000 points.
Henry Paschede: for me not from
Neebashnee: I do apologize we most certainly value our Players however we have to abide by the guidelines of our Promotions Department.
Henry Paschede: and you wont give me only a fiver??? Thats a bad dream after hundreds of euros i deposited in your casinos.
Henry Paschede: Please ask them again for 7500 points to redeem like other players recieved
Neebashnee: Please hold one moment
Henry Paschede: ok, thank you
Neebashnee: Unfortunately, there are no Complementary Bonuses or Loyalty Top up’s available.
Henry Paschede: How poor you are. Ok, first, i will inform the casinoplayerscomunity that they know that you take the money from your players but you wont say thanks with only a nickel at their birthdays. Secon, i imediately stop depositing and playin in your casinos. Third i make a thread at the blackboard to warn other players and show them how you handle your loyal players. That comunity is the worldwide biggest and let us see what happens. I NEVER saw a poorer casinogroup than yours. Shame on you. Oh, before i forget, i made a chatlog and publish it now at the comunity. Many thanks for that great present.


Ok my friends, i could cry that i have trashed alot of my money in this group, but i hope that you see what could happen and how "fair and thankfull" they are that you come with your hard earned cash and play in their casinos.
And let me say again, i recieved some free chips in ALL casinos where i deposited and played. So please:

STAND BY ME MY FRIENDS !!! :cheers::smilie_help:

Thank you much if you by my side

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« Reply #1 on: 10/20/11 03:18 AM »

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